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Zou Chenghui


Signing Ceremony

Cooperation of Charitable Foundation of Green Wine
Support for Environmental Protection

Cooperation of Green and Low Carbon Transformation of Traditional Cultivation Industry
Launch the Charitable Foundation of Eco-pig Raising Plan

Global Declaration
Industrial leaders of promoting National and Social Green and Low Carbon Transformational Development:

Round-Table Meeting
Embassies and International Organizations
  • 阿佳尼:联合国工发组织驻华代办、工业发展官员
  • 汉斯:联合国教科文组织驻华自然科学官员
  • 李军洋:国际节能环保协会秘书长
  • 金在玉:韩国国家气候环境组织主席
  • 玛蒂娜.哈克尔贝格:德国驻华大使馆能源气候和环境政策参赞
  • 阿图尔.格拉德祖克:波兰驻华大使馆经济参赞
  • 柳昌秀:韩国驻华大使馆参赞
  • 索黎:挪威驻华大使馆经济参赞
Politics and Experts
  • 李君如:中共中央直属机关侨联主席、中共中央党校原副校长
  • 赵华林:国务院国有重点大型企业监事会主席
  • 蒋明麟:国务院参事、参事室原副主任
  • 葛志荣:国务院参事、国家质检总局原副局长、党组成员
  • 张洪涛:国务院参事、国土资源部原总工程师
  • 尹成杰:国务院特约研究员、国家农业部原党组副书记、常务副部长
  • 王玉庆:中国环境科学学会理事长、原国家环保总局副局长、党组成员
  • 何建坤:国家气候变化专家委员会副主任委员、清华大学原常务副校长
  • 侯立安:中国工程院院士、火箭军工程设计研究院高级工程师
  • 肖根旺:北京灰霾防治交流合作协会监视长、国家环境保护部办公厅原副主任
  • 刘作章:北京灰霾防治交流合作协会副会长、国家商务部外原正司级巡视员
  • 吕克勤:北京灰霾防治交流合作协会副会长、原空军参谋长助理、少将
Business and Entrepreneurs
  • 陈义生:凯迪生态环境科技股份有限公司总裁
  • 卜红升:北京汽车销售服务公司副总经理
  • 洪平:安佑生物科技集团有限公司创始人、董事长
  • 吴建军:五粮液集团有限公司副总经理
  • 蕭志弘:群志光电有限公司集团副总裁
  • 邹承慧:江苏爱康实业集团有限公司创始人、董事长
  • 王德银:中国水业集团有限公司董事局主席
  • 刘坤强:中国东方航空股份有限公司党委宣传部部长
  • 杨立友:晋能清洁能源科技有限公司总经理
  • 李占国:北京志能祥赢节能环保科技股份有限公司董事长
  • 尤玉仙:福建鸿博光电科技有限公司董事长
  • 李金苗:中国平安集团品牌部副总经理
Award Ceremony

Climate change is one of the most severe challenges humanity faces in the 21th century. WEC, founded in 2008, aims at advocating various countries to transform towards a green ecological development mode, cooperating with all walks of life, to jointly respond to climate change and deteriorating environmental problems in the course of human activities and economic development, via joint efforts and WEC platform, actively perform environmental protection mission and responsibility, and pay more contributions to economic transformation and low-carbon development.

Abulaiti Abudurexiti, Vice Chairman of CPPCC

Thank you for inviting me to attend the WEC Annual Meeting on Green and Low Carbon TransformationalDevelopment. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to participate as a panelist in the forum title:” Economic Situation & the Driving Force of Global Innovation of Energy and Low-Carbon” .I amencouraged by the great amount of attention that China is placing on environmental protection and the increasing momentum towards green development. Canada and China enjoy a long history of cooperation on the environment and I look forward to future collaboration.

Guy Saint-Jacques, Ambassador of Canada to China

The de-greening of the world is the most pressing issue facing mankind today. Every year many thousands of living species are destroyed, never to return to our globe. It is incumbent on the world to devise effective practical means to halt this destruction. This must be done not by grandiose declarations, but by providing appropriate incentives. I wish the fourth World Economic and Environmental Conference the best of success in addressing these challenging and difficult problems.

Robert J.Aumann, Nobel Laureate in economics

The World Economic and Environmental Conference in Qingdao, China, takes place at a critical time in history. Over the last few decades, the world has witnessed increased economic growth, and an ever more inter-connected global economy which has lifted millions of people out of poverty. Advancements in new technology as well as increasing flows of information and knowledge have connected people across the globe, providing them with new important opportunities.

Josette Sheeran, Director of The World Food Programme, Deputy Secretary General of UN

The conference will send a strong message to the preparatory process for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). Its title “Low-Carbon Mission during Economic Transition Development” is very proper and practical.

Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD

In the course of world’s response to new questions and new challenges, pursuing jointly solutions, the 3rd WEC unveiled the curtain timely. It is an important international platform of encouraging NGOs to make exchanges and share views.

Mohamed Aslam, Maldives Minister of Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection

World Economic and Environmental Conference is an event of utmost importance, I strongly support this conference, I think very useful that we all discuss the problems created by carbon emissions mainly on climate change and that we debate at the international level the solutions that can be put forward. This initiative is therefore most welcome.

Edmond Alphandéry, Former French Minister of Economy, Chairman of Euro50 Group

It is with pleasure that I send greetings to the fourth World Economic and Environmental Conference. You are convening at a critical time. Indeed, building a green economy presents tremendous opportunities for business, for example, through investments in green and renewable technologies. International cooperation and collective action is crucial in this regard.

Georg Kell, Director General of UN Global Compact Office

I have the pleasure to wish to greet and support the participants of the 4th World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC). This Conference is an important event in today’s efforts to address the global challenge posed by the "Food-Energy-Climate Nexus". As the topic of this Conference suggests, the energy access gap around the world is large, thus as countries further develop and climate change impacts worsen, the urgency to find alternative solutions increases.

Jacques Diouf, Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

As a major power and the world’s biggest economy, China has an important role to play in ensuring a healthy world. By a healthy world, I mean, a green, low-carbon world where people’s need for development and prosperity does not at the expense of environmental degradation. China is an important partner for small island states such as Maldives—and the positive steps taken by China in global environmental diplomacy is much welcome. We have one world to live in and share and together we can prefect it.

Mohamed Faisal, Ambassador of Maldives

I have been visiting China regularly for many years. I witnessed the rapid economic and social development, industrialization, and urbanization of China. Such rapid progress inevitably comes with impact on the environment. Recognizing this, in recent years China has been investing on clean energy and clean environment developments than any other country in the world. These are strategic to ensure sustainable development of China and the globalized world. Sustainable development challenges and solutions such as smart cities, energy efficiency, transportation, waste as a resource, and water resources management are diverse, and a global platform is needed to share evolving knowledge and best practices. IEEPA is excellently bridging the Chinese experts and the international experts from around the world, and also recognizing the individuals and organizations that made stellar contributions to the sustainable development.

Seeram Ramakrishna, Vice President of National University of Singapore

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