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Du Xiangwan, IEEPA¡¯s chief advisor ¡¢academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy¡¢Former Vice Dean of Chinese Engineering Academy

The speed of extensive urbanization growth is faster than the speed of environmental protection. Cities often gain a good GDP while a bad environment£»Pollution exceeds the environmental capacity, and always comes to nonlinear outbreaks£»We have to establish the philosophy of "develop in the protection¡±.

Du also pointed out that£¬¡°environmental capacity¡± is an important concept, economic growth and pollution emissions under the¡°environmental capacity¡±£¬does not cause environmental degradation£»but if the pollution is over the ¡°environmental capacity¡±£¬it will accumulate and come to a nonlinear outbreak, and worsen the environment.

Du also gave the solution£ºwe need to develop in the protection of clean water¡¢green mountain, and blue sky£»put ¡°Five Concepts¡±into practice and change the developing pattern£»actively adjust the industrial structure£»actively optimize the energy structure and promote the energy revolution£»strengthen the environmental-protection standard and regulation£»and advocate a green and low-carbon life.

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