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Hao Jiming, Second president of IEEPA、Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy、State Environmental consultant

The strategic target of atmospheric protection in China,is to significantly reduce the concentration of various pollutants in the air, significantly improve the atmospheric environmental quality of cities and key regions through comprehensive prevention and control of atmospheric pollution , fully meet the national air quality standards in 2050, basicly realize the WHO guideline values of air environmental quality,meet the requirements of protecting public health and ecological safety. He also emphasized that one of the key measures to fundamentally solve the environmental problem is to promote green production and green consumption. According to the unreasonable industry structure and the extensive mode of production and life-style,we need to speed up distributing the industrial structure reasonably on the basis of resource and environmental carrying capacity,further strengthen the implementation of clean production ,bring forth new ideas in market institutions, and build green incentives to consumptive link.

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