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Yang Zuoyi, president of Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co.

Liby is an enterprise in daily chemical industry. Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co. was founded in 1994, and has become the largest company in scale in industry with more than 10000 employees, over 18 billion sales, and over more than 15 billion annual tax after 23 years of development. Liby’s washing series products, including washing powder, account for more than 22% in the national market, and other series of products are also in the first and second position in the market.

As a leading enterprise with biggest scale and market share in the industry, on the subject of how to treat economic development and environmental protection, Liby develops in a sustainable way and put it in its management idea.

We have 13 producing factories equipped with perfected environmental-protection facilities all over the country, which make themselves local demonstration units of environmental protection. We implement environment-friendly practices both in producing and manufacturing process and in products innovation, which promotes our sustainable development .For example, we maintain the normal operation and development with minimal emissions and consumption through the enrichment technology, the use of renewable resources, and the circulation and energy-saving way, in which indicators Liby is always in the leading position in the industry.

We reduce the consumption of packaging through enrichment technology. As we all know, packaging material is either paper, from the forest, or plastic, from oil and mineral resources, which will bring burden to the environment. We have reduced 23% of the consumption of plastic packaging through the enrichment technology, which might be a quit large amount according to our annual output of more than million tons of washing products.

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