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Tang Fen, president of Changsha Broad Group Co., Ltd.

Changsha Broad Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise in China founded in 1988, and was in the central air conditioning business in the earliest time. Since 1996, we've been in another great work, which is to change China's construction industry using industrialized ecological, energy-conservation and green manufacturing methods. The construction industry is one of the most ancient industries all over the world, and is also one of the largest industries in China, with nearly 2.9 billion square meters of new buildings annually. But the energy consumption of construction industry is 30% more than that of the social total energy consumption in China. Construction, industry and transportation are the top three major energy consumption sectors. Chinese traditional construction is mainly in the form of manual work, which has wasted a lot of social resources, and caused environment pollution and destruction inevitably in the rapid process of urbanization in China. Therefore Changsha Broad Group Co., Ltd. is devoted to build houses in an industrialized production way, which can not only improve both the building efficiency and the construction quality, but also control the construction cost, and fully realize green building.There are more than 60 manufacturing house-building factories of Changsha Broad Group all over the world currently.

We hope everybody can pay more attention to the industrialization of China's construction industry, giving that construction industrialization is now the national top strategy in China. In 2016, the State Council explicitly proposed to vigorously promote the development of prefabricated construction, and to improve the proportion prefabricated construction accounts in new buildings to over 30% within ten years .If the new building amount is 2 billion square meters every year, over 30% means at least 600 million square meters. Obviously there is a promising future of construction industrialization in China.

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