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Chen Fapei, general manager of Hengan Group Ltd.

Green, low carbon and sustainable development, is both a global theme and the responsibility and goal corporate citizens hold. Hengan Group established the management idea of sustainable green low carbon development since 1985, under the guidance of which Hengan has developed from a small township enterprise in southeast coastal area to get listed in 1998, added into Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks in 2011 the maternal and child supplies service providers, this along the way, all is in such a concept insistence to achieve healthy and sustainable development.

Hengan owns its own culture of green and low-carbon transformational development. Since the early beginning, Hengan adhering to the "growing with you for a better life" business philosophy, is committed to building a harmonious relationship between employees and enterprises, enterprises and society and most importantly the environment.

Hengan keeps our exploration and practice in green, low carbon and sustainable development continuously. A large part of our three main business is household paper, which is both a bottleneck in the industry and an opportunity. Hengan seized this opportunity. In the production of household paper, we cooperated with the world's largest wood pulp suppliers, continued innovation in production, applied energy saving and emissions reduction technologies such as variable frequency energy saving, solar power, and wastewater zero discharge, promoted FSC certification. Hengan ‘s water and electricity consumption index is far less than the industry average level, leading green and environmental-protection science and technology in the industry.

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