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Lv Keqin£¬vice president of IEEPA¡¢former assistant of Air Force Chief of Staff¡¢Air Vice- Marshal

Launched by IEEPA, with the support of embassies in China around the world and international organizations, the WEC has been held for six times, with 3 annual summit. 9 influential events were held in total, with over 5000 representatives from 60 countries attended. The organizing committee of WEC held "green low-carbon transformational development" annual summit, promoting sustainable development of world economy and environment with a new mode of annual summit.

In the first part, 3 academicians delivered annual keynote speech on the present haze problem and its current research project situation, and explained the way to achieve win-win development of haze control and economy.

In the round-table meeting, guests from home and abroad shared experience and opinions on green and low-carbon transformational development in 2016 on ¡°Ecological Practice¡±¡¢ ¡°Innovative Value¡±¡¢¡°Social Citizen¡± and ¡°Best Model¡±¡¢¡°Green Responsibility¡±¡¢¡°Growth Potential¡± of China Green-Benefit Enterprise.

Some entrepreneurs attend shared experience in improving the quality and brand consciousness in green development, and came to an agreement that the green low-carbon transformation must be on the basis of scientific research. We should make comprehensive use of policy, legal, administrative, economic, scientific and technological means, mobilize the whole society to actively participate in the prevention and control of pollution, and promote the idea of ¡°Where there is clear water and green mountains, there is money¡±.

We hope to continue working together with fellows from all the society to build the WEC an international influential think-tank. In the New Year, we will earnestly implement the new development concept, help to promote the supply-side structural reform, solve the prominent environmental problems and improve the atmosphere, water, and soil environment and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China.

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