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Hu Baolin, IEEPA Chief Policy Expert, Former Deputy Director of State Council Three Gorges Office, Former Party Member of Environmental Protection Ministry

Green low-carbon development is also innovative, high-efficiency, qualified, upgrade, harmonious, safe and sustainable, clean, energy saving and also environment- priority.


Green-effect enterprises growth potential is mostly depended on innovation. We hope all sectors of society could pay more attention and give more inclusion and support to the enterprise innovation, creating a better developing space. We need to show more respect to ecological value and ecological ethics, promote the development of green industry and ecological economy supported by ecological basis, promote green low carbon production mode and process, transfer traditional developing mode,  change high-energy-consuming and resource-dependent, high-input and low-efficiency production mode, transform traditional industries with ecological technology, and form a green tech-heavy industrial structure with low resources consumption and less environmental pollution, and shift the developing method from heavily relying on the material consumption to mainly relying on scientific and technological progress, enterprise innovation, improvement of workers quality and enhancing management level.

In today's world, new energy, new materials, new technology, and green low carbon are becoming the focus of a new round of international competition. We need to expand our developing space through innovation, and tap greater developing potential, which will help to expand new areas of economic development, create more new economic growth point, and lay a solid foundation for state’s long-term development and the improvement of the international competitiveness.

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