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Hou Li'an, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

China is facing the problems of a tightening resource constraint, seriously polluted environment, and a degradation of ecological function. In such a situation, to gain a development of low-carbon transformation, achieve a win-win relationship of economy and environment, we need to walk the green sustainable development path, which has become a consensus.

It is possible that we get a superior air quality in an indoor space even when the haze is very heavy outdoors, which may involve some advanced and green environmental protection technology .After years of research and development of entrepreneurs, the indoor air purification can completely meet the national air quality standard requirements.

China's fresh air system, which is first to purify the polluted outdoor air and then replace the indoor air, is different from foreign countries’ air circulating system.

Decoration materials may cause some pollution, such as formaldehyde, which can exist for a dozen years. Innovation drives green development, therefore, we adopt functional material, which can not only decorate the wall but also adsorb the harmful gas., in the field of materials, there is a is the environment in the country's planning of functional materials. With such functional materials plus fresh air system, combined with the indoor air purification, we can achieve superior air quality with PM2.5 below 50 even if it is above 400 outside.

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