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Liu Zhiren, Counselor of State Council、Researcher of Research Center for Rural Economy of Ministry of Agriculture

Enterprises are the subject in the process of green low-carbon development. In recent years, many enterprises have done a lot of work and achieved good results in this aspect. Enterprises that don't make changes into green low-carbon development will be eliminated by the market. Because after the central put forward request on the ecological civilization, the market will tightly follow up, especially in the agricultural product and food market.

At the same time, I hold the view that the national policy should actively support and protect the enterprises that do well in green low-carbon development. There is a lot of gossip in the society saying these enterprises enjoy special privilege after local governments support them. Now there is a new insight saying it is not privilege, for these enterprises have achieved win-win results through their innovation and themselves are leading units and can set good examples in their industry. Take food as an example. There are now three grades of food, organic food, green food and pollution-free food. In the future, how to make the best of organic industry’s leading effect. Even if organic food could not account for a large share of China’s food market, but once developed, it can make immeasurable contribution to improving our overall food safety levels.

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