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Li Junru, former Vice President of the Central Party School

In my opinion, ¡°social citizen¡±mainly refers to enterprises. Enterprises are supposed to identify and undertake their social responsibility, which is to reform the developing mode and achieve a green development. As social citizens, enterprises enjoy the corresponding rights and should undertake corresponding obligations.

We did not mention the concept of social citizen a lot in the past. On the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Central Committee, the Party replaced the ¡°youngsters with four virtues¡± with ¡°citizens with four virtues¡±. There was an article at that time saying that we must attach importance to the concept of ¡°citizen¡±, which was associated with public life. The concept of ¡°public¡±, means not only the progress of human being, but also the duty a person has to the social life. So when we called enterprises as ¡°social citizens¡±, the duty that enterprises should take to a green low-carbon development and the society is inevitable. 

As a social citizen, an enterprise must first establish the concept of green low-carbon development, and put green low-carbon development into practice at the same time. As a social citizen, the enterprise should be both the undertaker and the communicator of ¡°Clear water and green mountain is money¡± concept.

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