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Jung Bokyeong, Minister and Councellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea

<Perform the responsibility of low-carbon society >

Countries in the whole world would be more aware of the importance of developing low-carbon economy and society through the disasters occurring around us, like rainstorm, drought. We are searching for the way to transform into low-carbon society without big effects to the social and economic mode.

Taking South Korea as an example, because of excessive CO2 emission, there are both risks and opportunities in the society. To transform into low-carbon society, we first introduced new technologies into high-emission industries, and introduced energy-saving technology into the market.

<Social citizens take an active part in the low-carbon society >

Entrepreneurs think reducing oxides is a national issue, which needs social citizens to take an active part in. In order that the whole society is involved into the lowcarbon society, the government propagandized the necessity of a full participation of the civil society to the public. Through the efforts of the government, industries and the civil society, there was a perfect related system gradually formed.  Citizens can get economic incentives by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Families can get relevant economic aid if their water or electricity cost is less than the last month.


Korea carries out emission trading system, develops energy technologies and promotes the introduction of clean fuel. Cooperation between countries in these fields may gain greater output. For example, the share of technologies is urgent as the low-carbon market develops. I hope China and Korea can cooperate to create a better environment.

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