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The 6th international Carbon-Value award conference will be held in Beijing, introducing Carbon labeling evaluation system into household field for the first time

The World Economic and Environmental Conference Organizing Committee decided to hold ¡°the 6th international Carbon-Value award conference¡±, namely ¡°2016 Green Low-Carbon Development Reform Convention ¡± on 13th, January ,2017,and will hold ¡°city and enterprise low-carbon development outputs and outstanding cases Exhibition ¡± meanwhile. WEC introduced ¡° Carbon labeling system¡± in its evaluation standards to promote low-carbon products¡¯ application in household field. The ¡° Carbon labeling¡± is the system that transfers the GHG emission in the whole product life cycle including production, circulation, use and discard into CO2 emission information system. The certification of Carbon labeling is divided into three kinds: carbon emissions certification, low-carbon product certification, and carbon-neutral product certification. The 6th WEC will pay more attention to green and sustainable development£¬as well as enterprise and government¡¯s contribution to environment .

Since the establishment of WEC, UNIDO¡¢UNESCO¡¢IEEPA have worked together to promote environment protection¡¢energy saving and green development , spread China¡¯s successful model to world.

Industrial Development Officer of UNIDO, Adegboyega Ajani attended the 5th conference and stated the importance of sustainable development. The purpose of the <<Paris Agreement>> is to control temperature rising at the speed of 1.5 to 2 degree.

Programme Specialist for Natural Sciences of UNESCO, Hans Dencker Thulstrup said£¬we needed to make a balance between economy and environment£¬which is a serious challenge to developing countries worldwide. It is necessary to involve environmental sustainable development into economy development. On the other hand£¬we need to improve citizens¡¯ awareness of sustainable development through network, especially encourage the young to act .In the future, in the support of UNESCO China¡¯s low-carbon model will spread worldwide through the platform of WEC, benefiting the whole human society.

Li Junyang, vice president and general-secretary of IEEPA, said the consumption of green low carbon products in the household field is associated with production side. Consumption stimulates production, and consumption of green low carbon products can affect the production turn into a green, low carbon development way. Countries around the world can implement  green low carbon product standards , build low carbon financial trading platform, build a "carbon credits" bank card mode through "carbon label" product model. There will be a promising future of the GHGs emission reduction in the household field .

The International Carbon-Value Award is presented by the WEC organizing Committee£¬in the support of UNESCO¡¢UNIDO ¡¢ IEEPA and about100 media. Standards of the International Carbon-Value Award include: Low-carbon strategy¡¢utilization and practice¡¢social value¡¢basic element¡¢innovation advantage,and sustainable strengths.

Awards setting: the international Carbon-Value awards include: Composite International Carbon-value Award, Carbon-Value Ecological Practice Award, Carbon-Value Innovative Value Award, and Carbon-Value Social Citizen Award as subcategories , Low Carbon Visionary Special Award to individual , and Best Model Award, Green Responsibility Award , and Growth Potential Award to Chinese green efficiency enterprises. There will be 40 enterprises winning the award in total this time, after the expert evaluation, society research and questionnaire.

The International Carbon-Value Award campaign promotes the spirit of a low carbon and green life by encouraging enterprises from all sectors to participate in the sharing of successful cases for low-carbon development worldwide. By advocating ecological civilization and sustainable development, the International Carbon-Value Award campaign encourages all societies to embrace the curbing of climate change and fulfill their social responsibility while making a concrete effort to realize green development and facilitate a low carbon transformation towards a green civilization.

Candidate enterprise of 2016£¬GOME Holdings Group made statement when applied for the WEC Organizing Committee£ºLow carbon and environmental protection is a topic the whole society cares£¬it is necessary to form a low carbon and environmental protection system that government supporting¡¢organizations involved¡¢industry cooperation¡¢citizens thinking highly of.

Candidate enterprise of 2016 ,Bluemoon Co., Ltd. made statement when applied for the WEC Organizing Committee£ºthrough the evaluation, put low-carbon idea into practice of production and management, develop environmental-protection as well as high-qualified products .Reach environmental-protection requirements during product¡¯s usage and discard ,making use of low-carbon product¡¯s advantage .Enterprises should undertake social responsibilities actively£¬make workable low-carbon company strategy£¬promote development of low-carbon economy£¬improve low-carbon technology£¬produce low-carbon products£¬achieving low-carbon development in research¡¢production and sale.

As the biggest manufacturer of household paper and maternity and child articles£¬Hengan Group made statement when applied for the WEC Organizing Committee£º to involve low carbon and sustainable development into company strategy£¬achieve together development with nature and environment through strategy¡¢management¡¢technology and innovation. As a papermaking enterprise£¬Hengan is dedicated to cleaner production and zero discharge. Hengan reduce 2/3 the use of water producing 1 ton of base paper with advanced technology, practice zero discharge of wastage water and build paper manufacturing plant into an environmental education base for students.

The International Carbon-Value Award is famous for its worldwide recognition and encouragement of low-carbon, ecologically-friendly and green development while combining this spirit with the brand strength of media campaigns.  By integrating low carbon, environmental protection, ecological and green development into the corporate image, the International Carbon-Value Award inspires enterprises to be a pillar in the effort towards an ecological civilization, comprehensive development and a green economy. The International Carbon-Value Award campaign, in which a number of industry sectors are recognized, has been awarded five times to sectors with international associations. 

In the winners list of 5 sessions of WEC, there are many outstanding leading enterprises of green economy£ºSinohydro Group Ltd.¡¢Sinopec Group¡¢Lenovo¡¢Unilever¡¢Johnson & Johnson¡¢The Dow Chemical Company¡¢Liby¡¢Yili¡¢BOE and so on.

Winners of 2015 the 5th session of WEC include£ºBaic Bjev¡¢Kaidi Ecological Environment Technology Co., Ltd.¡¢Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China¡¢China Eastern Airlines¡¢Sinar Mas Group¡¢Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd.¡¢Narada¡¢Icon¡¢Daming Mining Company¡¢China Water¡¢Wuliangye Group¡¢Hisense Kelon¡¢China Jinjiang Environment¡¢Foshan Innolux¡¢Jinneng Clean Energy Groupand so on.

Winners of 2014 include£º New World China Land¡¢BOE Technology Group¡¢Tongfang Environment Co., Ltd.¡¢China Kingho Group¡¢Anyou Biotechnology Group¡¢Micoe¡¢GOME¡¢Hansyn Pharma¡¢Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone¡¢China National Petroleum Corporation and so on.

The World Economic and Environmental Conference£¨WEC£©originated from the concept of ¡°Green New Deal¡± initiated globally by the United Nations in 2008. Launched in China, the WEC is global professional summit that aims to build a platform for communication between the government and the civil sector that promotes the balanced advancement of climate change, sustainable development and economic growth. The WEC aims to lead the transition towards a worldwide green eco-economy development while enhancing a collective response to the deteriorating environment issues that are emerging along with human activities and economic development globally. Since 2008, the WEC has been held 6 times , over 5000 representatives from 60 countries have attended.


Climate change is one of the most severe challenges humanity faces in the 21th century. WEC, founded in 2008, aims at advocating various countries to transform towards a green ecological development mode, cooperating with all walks of life, to jointly respond to climate change and deteriorating environmental problems in the course of human activities and economic development, via joint efforts and WEC platform, actively perform environmental protection mission and responsibility, and pay more contributions to economic transformation and low-carbon development.

-- Abulaiti Abudurexiti, Vice Chairman of 11th CPPCCC National Committee

The non-governmental "International Carbon-Value Award" was highly appraised by Mr. Ma Shengrong, who thought the appraisals have successfully push out numerous outstanding domestic and overseas companies in the first three appraisal activities. Green and low-carbon development need more widespread attention and public participation. Through case sharing, the award will serve as an effective way to improve social awareness, enhance media and public participation.

-- Ma Shengrong, former Vice President of Xinhua News Agency

Low-carbon development is not only a global revolution involving mode of production, life style, concept of values, national interest and human fate, but also a necessary choice for global economy transforming from high carbon energy source to low-carbon one.

-- Nicholas Stern, Former World Bank Chief Economist

The de-greening of the world is the most pressing issue facing mankind today. Every year many thousands of living species are destroyed, never to return to our globe. It is incumbent on the world to devise effective practical means to halt this destruction. This must be done not by grandiose declarations, but by providing appropriate incentives. I wish the fourth World Economic and Environmental Conference the best of success in addressing these challenging and difficult problems.

-- Robert J.Aumann, Nobel Laureate in economics

Thank you for inviting me to attend the WEC Annual Meeting on Green and Low Carbon TransformationalDevelopment. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to participate as a panelist in the forum title:�Economic Situation & the Driving Force of Global Innovation of Energy and Low-Carbon�.I amencouraged by the great amount of attention that China is placing on environmental protection and the increasing momentum towards green development. Canada and China enjoy a long history of cooperation on the environment and I look forward to future collaboration.

-- Guy Saint-Jacques, Ambassador of Canada to China

As a major power and the world’s biggest economy, China has an important role to play in ensuring a healthy world. By a healthy world�I mean, a green, low-carbon world where people’s need for development and prosperity does not at the expense of environmental degradation. China is an important partner for small island states such as Maldives—and the positive steps taken by China in global environmental diplomacy is much welcome. We have one world to live in and share and together we can prefect it.

-- Mohamed Faisal, Ambassador of Maldives

Through case sharing, more global enterprises can learn how to get hold of development chance and handling method in the process of environment protection and addressing climatic change challenge.

-- Terry Townshend, Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of GLOBE International

Capacity-building in the green and low-carbon fashion is a part of soft power. Future global economic competition is greatly embodied by that takes green and low-carbon technology and products as a kernel. Any one who has the courage to be an innovator will definitely take the lead in the economic growth. The best way to develop green and low-carbon economy is to combine innovation and market demand, domestic and foreign resources with policy guidance and support orientation. The setup of international carbon-value award aims to set a banner of green and low-carbon development for different industries, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to become the best players. The award is also an effective social tool to keep an eye on enterprises' exploration of green and low-carbon practice."

-- Jon Li, IEEPA Secretary General

I do think that China is implementing a number of very interesting initiatives on low carbon development and I do hope that the results of this implementation will be very substantive and contribute to global sustainable development.

-- Stefanos Fotiou, Senior Regional Coordinator Resource Efficiency, United Nations Environment Programme

I have been visiting China regularly for many years. I witnessed the rapid economic and social development, industrialization, and urbanization of China. Such rapid progress inevitably comes with impact on the environment. Recognizing this, in recent years China has been investing on clean energy and clean environment developments than any other country in the world. hese are strategic to ensure sustainable development of China and the globalized world. Sustainable development challenges and solutions such as smart cities, energy efficiency, transportation, waste as a resource, and water resources management are diverse, and a global platform is needed to share evolving knowledge and best practices. IEEPA is excellently bridging the Chinese experts and the international experts from around the world, and also recognizing the individuals and organizations that made stellar contributions to the sustainable development.

-- Seeram Ramakrishna, Vice President of National University of Singapore, Director Expert of IEEPA Expert Committee

"The right policy goals exist, now it is about public understanding, implementation and monitoring ...especially in the rural areas qualified personnel is needed for these tasks. The relation of SUSTAINABLE economic development and currently necessary sacrifices should be communicated on all levels...

-- Stephanie Christmann-Budian, Senior Scientist and Representative for China Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Member of IEEPA Expert Committee

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